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Wednesday, August 17th 

1. Denver cops shoot unarmed black teen Jordan Waddy while his hands are up. 

Police violence continues to be an emergency level crisis in this country. This time with Denver police shooting and luckily not killing Jordan Waddy. Police approached Jordan when he threw a firearm away from him, raising both hands in the air. Police then fired multiple shots, hitting Jordan, and 6 other bystanders. These injuries are a direct result of a shoot first ask questions later mentality which ultimately leaves thousands dead at police hands each year. Over 1,000 people (1,057 to be exact) have been killed by police in the last year. Jordan Waddy could have very easily been one of them, as could have been any of the bystanders put at risk. The world took notice when police killed George Floyd and Breonna Taylor but unfortunately not much has changed. Police still put our communities at risk every single day and in the case of Jordan Waddy they almost took his life. 

2. On the same day the CHIPS bill passed giving $76 billion in no-strings-attached freebies, one of its main beneficiaries Intel announces reduction in workforce and increased payouts for shareholders.  

Bernie Sanders called out the recent CHIPs bill for what it was – nothing more than another corporate handout, aimed at shoring up military interests no less. While it is true that the US needs to invest money in building our infrastructure supply chain, Bernie voted against the bill because it came with no requirements, while the rest of us have to fight to get above poverty wages from those same corporations. It has become very clear that Congress has unlimited money to line the already full pockets of the wealthy and rich corporations, and the CHIPs bill was no exception. Supply chain issues are important to address, but it’s not possible to do that with $76 billion dollars in corporate handouts that eventually go to stock buybacks. The fruits of handing corporate America whatever it wants are very clearly on display with Intel announcing it is cutting back on its earlier plan to increase jobs – almost immediately after the government announces it will pad Intel’s pockets. It’s egregious, but it should come as no surprise. 

3. This week marks what would have been Nipsey Hussle’s 37th birthday. 

Nipsey Hussle was more than just a rapper, he prolifically invested in his community and paid the price for it. Had Nipsey not been murdered he would have turned 37 years old on August 15th. Nipsey’s music is well known as was his investment in his community, primarily symbolized by his Marathon Clothing Store. Nipsey’s profile brought a lot of notoriety and particularly harassment from the LAPD. Harassment which honed in on the Marathon Clothing Store specifically. As documented by Sam Levin in The Guardian, once the store opened police zeroed in on its location as a police to make arrests. In the week of its grand opening LAPD made 58 stops and 7 arrests outside. In one 7 day span one officer made 103 stops and 3 arrests, all in search of a generic suspect, “a Black male between ages 16 and 18.” The police harassment continued for years, well past March 2019 when Nipsey was murdered at the very store that police spent so much time policing. If police activity made people safer Nipsey Hussle would still be here today. But it doesn’t and in the case of Nipsey LAPD presence made everyone less safe. 

4. CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens ordered to pay $650 million for helping fuel opioid crisis, a drop in the bucket compared to their profits – directly from the death pain and death they caused.

It wasn’t just conglomerates like Perdue Pharmaceuticals that made billions of dollars off medications like Oxycotin – big retail pharmacies like CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens did too. Although big pharma is being ordered to pay $650 million dollars, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the profits they wring out of people based on pure human misery. The damage caused by these companies applies to more than just opioids, but each of these retailers saw billions of profits pumping communities full of opioids, sometimes enough to prescribe everyone in the community multiple times over. Drug overdose deaths peaked in 2020 with almost 92,000 reported overdose deaths, opioids led the numbers contributing over 45,000 of those deaths. Meanwhile, Walmart raked in $138.836 billion in profit last year, and 2022 is already beating that number at $143.754 billion so far. 

5. Hillary Clinton deserves something very terrible to happen to her.

Hillary Clinton recently called Bernie Sanders sexist in a new book, claiming “she knows what he says about women.” It’s pretty undeniable that Hillary deserves something terrible, which we won’t elaborate on for legal reasons. Not just because she calls Bernie sexist in new book. Nor because of the crimes of her husband, well except for the role she played in shepherding the crime bill through congress, because her words Americasns needed protected from “super predators.” She should also be held accountable for helping turn Libya into an open air slave market, and really just the disasterous foreign policy of the United States in every Middle Eastern country, but especially Libya. Hillary Clinton gave us Donald Trump and if brought anywhere close to power her ineffective politics would ensure the worst aspects of the Trump movement would flourish.

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