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July 5th 2022

1. Biden plan to allow off-shore drilling despite pledge to end it.

Joe Biden pledged to end off shore drilling in the United States but his new offshore drilling plan allows such drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska. During a debate with Bernie Sanders Joe Biden stated, “no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling, including offshore – no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill – period.” So this plan is a direct contradiction to that call. It’s also a far cry from the actual steps the administration needs to be taking if they’re going to make any progress toward averting climate disaster.

2. Shooter in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, leaves six people dead, shootings in Philadelphia and other cities as well.

More mass shootings occurred on the 4th of July, one in Highland Park, Illinois a suburb of Chicago and another in Philadelphia. The Highland Park shooting left 6 dead and at least 30 wounded. It has also spawned numerous online conspiracy theories with those on the right labeling the shooter “Antifa” and liberals pointing to pictures of the shooter in MAGA gear and neo-Nazi affiliated online associations. Scenes from Philadelphia showed people running for their lives amid 4th of July festivities that shooting didn’t ultimately kill anybody, but some police officers were grazed and there is now a search for those responsible.

3. Ten year old rape victim denied abortion in Ohio.

Ohio’s “6 week trigger ban” recently came into effect leaving people in need of abortions unable to get them. One such person was a ten year old rape victim who sought an abortion 3 days after reaching the 6 week mark and was denied. The procedure was eventually carried out in Indiana. Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem was questioned on the ban and a similar ban in South Dakota that does not have an exception for rape or incest. Noem deflected and refused to give a solid answer as to how similar incidents will be prevented under policies she supports. Ultimately this is the real life fall out of overturning Roe and it will only get worse.

4. Brittney Griner appeared in court in Russia, faces trial and up to 10 years.

Brittney Griner is an openly lesbian black professional basketball player is accused of bringing vape cartridges containing hash oil into Russia. She appeared in a Russian court last week, to outrageously paltry US press coverage. She was permitted to speak to the press and said that she is experiencing uncomfortable conditions in detainment. The WNBA star has been detained in Russia since Feb. 17, and while the US says they are doing everything they can to bring all US citizens who are wrongfully detained home, including Griner, the state department can’t be bothered to staff the phone line at the number they gave Griner to call her wife who was unable to speak to her on a scheduled call because of their error. Griner is scheduled for trial and if convicted will face up to 10 years in prison.

5. Los Angeles County to return oceanfront land stolen from Black family.

The Los Angeles County board of supervisors recently voted to return “Bruce’s Beach” to the Bruce family from which it was stolen almost 100 years ago. The beachside property used to belong to Willa and Charles Bruce. They ran a Black friendly resort on the beach which became a popular destination and one of the few places Black families could enjoy the beach. Under racist threats from neighbors and the city the property was eventually seized via eminent domain. The property will now be turned over to its rightful owners, it has an estimated value of $20 million today but the family will continue to rent it to the county for $413,000 a year.

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