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July 25th

1. Russia strikes Odessa port immediately after agreeing to let Ukraine resume grain exports. 

The missiles hit Odessa port’s infrastructure, but not the grain reserves. The timing of the attack was a blow to a landmark agreement signed hours earlier that would lift the Black Sea grain blockade that has impacted countries around the world that are food insecure. Incredulously, Russia said the strike was aimed at military infrastructure and would not impact the movement of grain shipments; however, the reality is the attack likely renders that agreement nearly worthless as civilian commercial ships are unlikely to be willing to send ships to a port where they may be bombed. Odessa is a major port on the south coast of Ukraine, it lies west of Crimea which is also on the Black Sea. In 2009, a natural gas field was discovered on the continental shelf of the Black Sea off Odessa’s shore, and Russia will likely continue to commit war crimes in an effort to annex Odessa as it did Crimea. 

2. Pope visits Indigenous People in Canada, apologizes for evil committed.

Today in Maskwacis, Alberta, Pope Francis spoke to a group of Indigenous people and leaders. He issued a broad apology meant for “all Indigenous people” specifically saying, “I humbly beg forgiveness for the evil committed by so many Christians against the Indigenous peoples.” More specifically, Pope Francis was there to atone for the role the Catholic church played in perpetuating anti-Indigenous boarding schools that were factories of colonization and cultural destruction. Not to mention yet another focal point for murder and rape against Indigenous people. To quote the New York Times, “Christian churches operated most of the schools for the government with Catholic orders responsible for running 60 to 70 percent of the roughly 130 schools, where thousands of children died.” The apology is much needed but does little to materially change the horrific reality the Catholic Church created for decades, and the lasting implications of that legacy.

3. A factory in Alabama has used child labor with the state’s knowledge for 5 months, Reuters finds. Alabama yet to take action. 

Hyundai has underage kids – in some cases children as young as 12 – working at a dangerous metal stamping plant that has been cited by OSHA for dangerous working conditions including amputation hazards. The conditions were uncovered five months ago during a police investigation when a migrant child disappeared from her family’s home. The police learned that the girl and her siblings – all underage – worked at the plant. The police don’t have the authority to investigate labor violations, so they referred it to state Attorney General Steve Marshall, who has done NOTHING. Among other things, the situation shows how much this country’s reprehensible system of relying on migrant labor for the most dangerous jobs in our society while denying those same people the legal protections of citizenship is sick, and morally indefensible. Of course, these factory conditions should not be endured by anyone, but least of all those who have no means to protect themselves. The Valley Labor Report discussed the egregious situation and the unacceptable non-response from Alabama’s AG on their show this weekend. 

4. DOJ considers environmental racism suit against Houston.

The U.S. Department of Justice opened an investigation into the City of Houston to decide if its failure to respond to illegal dumping reports discriminates against Black and Latino residents. The Biden administration announced the investigation on Friday. Specifically the DOJ will examine whether Houston’s policies have violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act which outlaws discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin. The investigation spurs from a complaint from Lone Star Legal Aid filed months ago on behalf of residents of a predominately Black and Latino neighborhood in Northeast Houston. The residents say they have complained of illegal dumping for years and the city has done nothing. To that end, the City calls the investigation baseless. This is a welcome development – but the delay and vacillation is all too familiar. Moreover, the DOJ should be taking actions like this all over the country. After Biden announced a pathetic $2.3 billion spending plan for climate last week, reports are that Biden’s own staff have called on him to play hardball with Manchin, including to strip him of his senate chairmanship. While our lives hang in the balance, both men are confirmed to have COVID.

5. Trump’s foreplay with a 2024 run continues: “I might have to do it again.” Trump hinted at a 2024 run at a Turning Points event over the weekend. Based on his totally coherent ramblings, it also sounds like he thinks his legal problems will go away if he announces. You do have to hand it to him though, he did “literally save this country” (his words). Justin discusses this and more on yesterday’s MR Sunday stream – check it out here

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