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July 21st

1. Amazon is instructing workers not to sign their union cards, a drop in the bucket for the union busting company.

Just months after Amazon workers voted to form the first Amazon warehouse union in Staten Island, Amazon is doing everything in its power to prevent more union victories. As reported by engadget digital signage in the ALB1 warehouse in upstate New York directs workers against signing their union card, associating with, or voting for the union. This is just another step in their long union busting campaign and par for the course for the multi-million dollar contractors who Amazon ships in to stifle worker organizing. Hopefully workers see through the campaign much the same as they did in Staten Island and the ALU can secure another union victory.

2. Secret Service turns over ONE text message for all of January 6th.

A Department of Homeland Security inspector general requested a month’s worth of records from 24 secret service personnel. In response to that request the Secret Service allegedly sent one single text message. Nothing untoward happening there at all. This information was confirmed by a member of the House select committee for January 6th Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat who stated on MSNBC the panel had received “one text message” and the panel will pursue “more information as a committee soon.”

3. SCOTUS rejects Biden’s emergency request to reinstate ICE directive, immigration enforcement priorities. 

Last fall the Biden administration directed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to on detaining people considered a public safety or national security threat, and recent migrants. The directive also told ICE to consider giving a break to those with mitigating circumstances, e.g. farmworkers picking crops and grandparents caring for American kids. In a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS refused to reinstate the directive after a Texas lawsuit blocked it. The decision is notably Ketanji Brown Jackson’s first vote on the court, and another reminder of the court majority’s draconian posture on immigration. Undocumented immigrants and migrants are some of the most marginalized people in the US and the Supreme Court will continue to do all it can to block even tepid steps to alleviate that marginalization. The fact that a similar directive was in place under Obama – who beat Trump in terms of rate of deportations – shows just how tepid this step might be. Finally, the ruling marks yet another instance of blatant partisanship for the court – typically the executive is considered to have wide discretion over immigration matters, especially in conservative jurisprudence, but not when that power might be used to help mollify the abject abuse immigrants are faced with. This was the court refusing to hear the emergency request, the will take up the full matter in December.

4. Biden’s half-hearted appeals for a renewed Iranian nuclear deal seem all but dead.

After 8 rounds of talks to reinstate the Iranian Nuclear Deal, talks seem all but dead as Joe Biden and Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi fail to revive the agreement Trump destroyed in 2018. The nearly 2 years of negotiations have been frustrating for many, as the administration continues to mimic Trump’s approach, instead of a return to the Obama era. Biden’s tour of the Middle East last week has also been considered a further indication of his intent to pursue containment and intimidation when it comes to Iran, rather than a commitment to reinstate one of Obama’s most significant achievement. It is now unclear that a deal will be reached at all. There are two main hang-ups at this point. One, Iran wants the US to remove the terrorist organization label that Trump gave to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG). Despite Biden recognizing there is no valid reason for the label, he has refused to budge on this point – clearly for optical political reasons, and no real grappling with the role the IRG plays in Iranian economic and social life. Iran also wants confirmation that the agreement won’t be repealed under the next Republican administration (though this would take Senate approval, so dead on arrival). Recall that it was the US, not Iran, who broke the deal. It is unacceptable yet not surprising at this point to see that in coming back to the table, the US is more committed to delay than a real solution.

5. Yellowstone wolves including pups are being massacred at alarming rates because the Republicans removed hunting quotas. 

Wolves are a hot button political issue in the Mountain West. So when Republican governors take power they like to remove hunting quotas and all but declare open season, which is exactly what Montana governor Greg Gianforte did. This has had devastating consequences as the Intercept has reported.  When Montana declared wolf hunting season over some 273 wolves were killed including 25 in Yellowstone, explicitly allowed because Gianforte lifted the quotas. Many claim wolves and managing their population are an ecological and agricultural issue and Republican governors are just responding accordingly. However there are ways to manage the population short of lifting quotas entirely and letting 273 wolves and counting die as a result. Republican governors are just more interested in throwing red meat to their political base than they are sustainable, sound ecological policy.

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