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July 20th

1. National horror stories continue as it becomes clear that Biden’s executive order to assemble a task force and get people access to abortion did absolutely nothing.

Weeks ago an Ohio 10 year old made headlines when they were forced to travel to Indiana to receive abortion care thanks to a new Ohio abortion ban. Today the Washington Post reported a Texas woman carried a dead fetus for 2 weeks thanks to an abortion ban in Texas. Another woman in Texas was forced into an awful medical situation risking infection as her water broke 17 weeks into pregnancy. In many states abortion is exactly how doctors would handle this situation, new legislation made that impossible in Texas. The woman traveled to New Mexico to receive the care she needed. These stories keep making headlines and thousands more never see the light of day. But real people are caught in the cross fire of the Dobbs decision and each day it is more and more clear the Democrats ineffectual response is at least partially to blame.

2. Bipartisan group attempts to repeal the Electoral Count Act.

Anything that is bipartisan is likely not going to do anything, but on the bright side: there is no actual way to pass this legislation, and the group also has no urgency behind it, saying that although they lack the 10 Republicans needed to clear the filibuster hurdle, they plan on getting some people together ‘later on the year.’ Thanks. If they could pass it, it might dispel with the legal ambiguity that undergirded Trump’s entire coup’s legal argument. Unfortunately even that seems impossible and if it were to happen likely needed to happen in the immediate aftermath of January 6th. I wouldn’t count on much coming of this and even if they did pass it ultimately the reforms needed to prevent future attempts to steal an election are a lot more structural in nature than this window dressing bill.

3. Trump tries to get Wisconsin house speaker to decertify their election, and FEC is sued for his “campaign.”

Not to get too into Trump, but the man is legit funny as hell. The latest story is of him trying to convince the speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly to de-certify the 2020 Wisconsin election. It’s unclear why Trump has continued to fixate on this state that has just 10 electoral votes and would have no impact whatsoever on the final tally. Regardless, Speaker Robin Vos repeatedly told Trump he couldn’t de-certify the election that occurred 2 years ago. Though, as Vos told WISN-TV this week, Trump holds a different opinion. In other Trump news, a Democratic group sued the FEC for not going harder against what they see as Trump essentially campaigning for President without declaring. We know that the Dems want Trump to declare before the summer is over, to take advantage of any Trump backlash at the midterms polls. And since they are determined to not do anything to win votes, I guess the logic is they might as well try to force other people to do something.

4. Already unaffordable home prices hits new record high in June.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “the median sales price of an existing home climbed to $416,000 in June, the National Association of Realtors said Wednesday, up 13.4% on the year and the highest since records began in 1999.” Home prices were already comically out of reach for most millennials, even more so for Gen-Z. This trend of ever increasing home prices in basically every housing market in the country is unsustainable and makes homeownership even more impossible to imagine for millions.

5. Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Michael Brooks’ passing.

Majority Report, Left Reckoning, and others had remembrance shows dedicated to him today. We miss Michael every day. He was a remarkable voice for the left and brought so many to the left through his ideals, sense of humor, and second to none analysis. Being #5 on today’s list is not at all indicative of his importance. Michael was one of the most important voices on the left and he is sorely missed.

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