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July 13th 2022

1. Former Bush and Trump official John Bolton openly brags about planning coups.

Former Bush and Trump administration foreign policy official John Bolton was recently on Jake Tapper where Tapper tried to insinuate that those behind January 6th were incompetent and you don’t have to be that smart to attempt a coup. Bolton couldn’t let this comment stand, as he let Tapper know, he personally has taken part in planning coups and he disagrees with Tapper’s assessment. Coups are very serious business carried out by very serious people according to John Bolton. It’s a pretty mask off moment for one of the most prominent neocons to openly admit what we all already knew, the United States encourages and plans coups of its enemies. Everybody knows that, but you’re not supposed to talk about it John. Evo Morales called the talk proof that the United States is a danger to democracy and life.

2. Starbucks to close 16 stores, some of them union shops.

There are over 150 unionized Starbucks stores and it’s not a coincidence when Starbucks closes stores down for “employee safety” that list includes multiple unionized shops. Starbucks has been accused of over 200 labor law violations many in direct retaliation to unionization efforts. A store in Ithaca, New York was closed just after workers voted to unionize. Employees in one of the Portland stores explicitly accused the closing as a response to an August 5th union vote. So maybe there are genuine concerns regarding drug abuse or safety issues as reported by Starbucks but never let a crisis go to waste, right?

3. Federal anti-discrimination law used to protect right to abortion. 

From the Washington Post: “Under the guidance issued Wednesday, officials pointed to federal civil rights laws, including provisions in the Affordable Care Act, that they said prohibit pharmacists from making their own decisions about the suitability of a prescribed medication for patients, as well as other situations that they said would constitute discrimination against patients. For instance, a woman who experiences a miscarriage may be prescribed drugs such as mifepristone and misoprostol, and health officials warned pharmacists against refusing to fill those prescriptions.” This is one of the most effective legal arguments levied by the Biden administration in support of abortion rights thus far. This is the kind of action that should have been taken day one but it’s better late than never.

4. State of emergency declared as Sri Lankan president flees the country. 

We’ve been covering the developing crisis in Sri Lanka and a state of emergency has been declared in the latest turn as the president fled the country. Protestors stormed the capital residence, swam in the president’s pool, ate the president’s food, and even slept in the president’s bed. The disdain for the ruling class is palpable and should be emulated by everyone. Especially in the face of a coming onslaught from international financial institutions trying to maintain their grip on the country. Western press is already fear mongering as though Chinese credit is the problem, while the IMF declares they hope the unrest subsides long enough for them to keep their debt obligations.

5. Uber asks court to let them keep exploiting workers in California.

Uber has been waging a war against workers since its platform started. Doing all it can to undercut unions and atomize labor as much as possible. That battle was most encapsulated by the battle for Prop 22 in California. Billions of dollars was spent to maintain Uber/Lyft and other companies workers independent contractor status. Read easier to exploit and harder to organize. Attorneys for Uber want the 9th circuit to strike down classifications that label some workers employees as opposed to independent contractors, granting them more protections and in some cases benefits. This is largely the same fight that was fought over Prop 22, Uber is just coming for the workers that didn’t already consider independent contractors. It’s a disgusting anti-worker move that will likely end up in the Supreme Court.

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