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July 12th 2022 

“The EMTALA statute requires that Medicare hospitals provide all patients an appropriate medical screening, examination, stabilizing treatment, and transfer, if necessary, irrespective of any state laws or mandates that apply to specific procedures. Stabilizing treatment could include medical and/or surgical interventions, including abortion. If a state law prohibits abortion and does not include an exception for the health or life of the pregnant person — or draws the exception more narrowly than EMTALA’s emergency medical condition definition — that state law is preempted.”

2. The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes is likely to push up housing costs. This is a great example of why relying on the Fed to control inflation measured by CPI fails to take into account general affordability, and is not really about helping working people afford the things they need, but reserve the profits for creditors who do not want to see their loans devalued. The entire narrative for months now surrounding inflation has been the tried and true “it’s a tax on working people” line that Ronald Reagan used so frequently. However so many in the media and those at the Fed clearly aren’t actually concerned with price hikes where it hurts working people the most. Only it when it suites their narrative of rate hikes. The Fed will raise interest rates and housing will become more unaffordable as it has for decades but there will be little to no talk of what that actually means, just more fear mongering about out of control inflation. Inflation has been present in housing and other markets for a long time, but when it only started to matter when the narrative began to impact people’s desire to spend government money.

3. UK rail strike may be followed by rail drivers as the TSSA union votes for potential walk outs, shows workers’ frustration with corporate greed is broadly felt. This adds to the strike wave of industrial actions that has hit the country across a number of sectors, and follows the strikes last month by the RMT, the railway union representing engineering, maintenance and other workers last month, strikes. As pointed out last month by Mick Lynch, spokesman for the RMT union, despite sky rocketing profits for UK rail companies, the workers have been left behind. They are experiencing worsening standards of living and working conditions. Today the TSSA union, that represents the train drivers at eight rail companies, overwhelmingly gave the go-ahead for walkouts. The railway companies have so far failed to reach a deal with the RMT.

4. A new study finds US is the world’s leading polluter, and has inflicted over $2TN of damage on other countries. The numbers are staggering, and it shows us why it’s so important for us to keep organizing – so we can eliminate billionaires and a small percentage of world corporations who cause the most emissions. Environmental justice also requires we give reparations to those harmed in the U.S. and around the world, so that everyone can live full and healthy lives. There obviously needs to be massive expenditure on fighting climate change but some significant structural changes need to happen in the U.S. as well. The problem is incredibly lopsided and this new study proves just that.

5. Chile, the darling of the free trade ghouls, sees its currency fall 15% in one month, the one billionth example that free trade policies pushed on the global south don’t work, and leave countries vulnerable to international shock and exploitation. Can’t wait to hear what Steve Forbes has to say. Yearly inflation hit 12.5% in June, the highest in nearly three decades, the highest in decades, but doesn’t even come close to the inflation levels the country saw in the aftermath of the 1973 coup, when the Chicago Boys implemented their free trade prescriptions and in doing so completely destroyed the Chilean economy. These are still the policies that the IMF, World Bank, and WTO force on the global south, and why many cannot develop and remain in a cycle of debt and poverty. For some history on Chile, and the US back coup that led to the current free trade regime, check out our series:

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