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July 11th 2022 

1. Biden heads to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Joe Biden heads to Saudi Arabia and Israel for what he declares is the start of a “promising chapter” for U.S. Middle East relations. The next step in a tenure that began by Biden’s own telling with air strikes to “restore order” which ended up killing children along the way need we remind you. Biden tries to play tough and act as though he’s not groveling for cheaper gas and oil by visiting Saudi Arabia, referencing the administration’s posture on Jamal Khashoggi as proof he’s been tough on the despotic Mohammed bin Salman. Similarly when discussing Israel (Palestine) he’s quick to talk up perceived successes in Gaza with no mention of Israeli settlements or other atrocious acts, like the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh. Ultimately this visit seems to signal more of the same and a step back if anything. Biden will reaffirm some of the worst government’s in the Middle East and get nothing in return, no changes, nothing.

2. President of Sri Lanka forced to resign after protestors storm capital residence, crisis to be used to further exploit the Sri Lankan people.

Food shortages, inflation, and a complete failure to respond to growing popular pressure culminated in the ouster of the President of Sri Lanka. The IMF and global community are set to use the crisis to further exploit the Sri Lankan people. They are openly hoping to use the crisis to stand up military enforcement of its trade policies, further exploit the people’s labor and the country for its natural resources. The situation is a canary in the coal mine for many other countries who are indebted based on illegitimate loans usually enforced on the country by post colonial dictatorships, neoliberal puppet leadership and trade regimes enforced on them to keep them in a cycle of poverty, unable to expand their own industries, leaving them unable to meet hire own food needs, and open to exploitation of their people for inhuman wages, and their natural resources. Hopefully the political situation develops in such a way that some of these outcomes can be avoided but Western financial institutions have clear goals here.

3. German workers call for a strike to coincide with Prime Day.

As Amazon refuses collective bargaining agreement, German workers call for a strike against Amazon to coincide with Prime Day, when the retailer expects heavy sales traffic.

On Sunday, one of Germany’s biggest unions called for a strike in 7 of Amazon’s distribution centers across the country, to force the company to agree to the collective agreement that it has been fighting for years. In response, Amazon denied claims that work hours had increased, and it also said the workers should be happy with what they got – an increase last year to 12 euros per hour, and an upcoming increase they should be grateful for to 12.50 euro. The workers have said that despite the inadequate pay increase, it coincided with increased hours and low to non-existent compensation for public holiday shifts.

4. Starbucks at NLRB for weeks-long hearing, accused of over 200 labor law violations.

Today, the National Labor Relations Board and Starbucks will appear before an administrative law judge in Buffalo, N.Y., the place where it all began. Last year, it was the Buffalo store that set off the unionization drive that has now seen 149 stores successfully win their unions. During hearings, that are expected to take weeks, the NLRB will argue their case that Starbucks stands in violation of more than 200 labor laws and unfair labor practices, that began as soon as corporate caught wind of the Buffalo store effort. Intimidation, discrimination, threats of surveillance, are just a few of the egregious behavior that we have seen Starbucks engage in over the past year. The NLRB will also argue that Starbucks should reinstate severally employees that were illegally fired. We say a lot of bad stuff about Biden, and we won’t stop, but NLRB and their actions is one area where his appointments truly made a difference, and an NLRB that is friendly to labor has been an essential tool for many of the recent labor successes that we have seen. For example, the NLRB is also seeking a nationwide cease-and-desist order that to weaken the company’s ability to derail Starbucks Workers United going forward. You can find a union Starbucks near you at the link above, solidarity forever.

5.  Biden’s gun law speech interrupted, protestor frustrated the bipartisan law is grossly insufficient – a feeling shared by many. 

Biden’s speech celebrating his bipartisan gun law was interrupted by Manuel Oliver, father of a child murdered at Stoneman Douglas High School and gun restriction activist. Oliver expressed frustration that the gun law is grossly insufficient – a feeling shared by many gun restriction activists.

During the speech, Biden boasted that the legislation “proves, despite the nay-sayers, we can make meaningful progress on dealing with gun violence.” Many are skeptical. It would not have stopped the recent mass shooting in Highland Park, and doesn’t even approach banning AR-15’s, it would merely be an age limit on it.  began to interrupt him, appearing to criticize the legislation for not going far enough to curb gun violence.

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