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August 8th 

1. Israel commits war crimes against Palestine, bombs Gaza and kills children and civilians.

The bombings were part of a planned attack that Israel carried out – with no basis or reason, except for their continued illegal military occupation and genocide. This latest escalation began early last week when Israel arrested Bassam al-Saadi, a leader in the Islamic Jihad in a raid that killed a teenager, shot in the back by an Israeli sniper; just a few days after witnesses confirmed the Israeli army shot and killed a sixteen year old child in Ramallah. By midweek, Israeli forces had sealed the roads around Gaza, trapping the Palestinians living there whose movement is already incredibly restricted. Then, on Friday, two-days of heavy bombing began. In the first attack, a five-year-old girl was killed with other civilian victims. In the press, major outlets persisted to run misleading headlines – characterizing Israel’s crimes against humanity as an ‘exchange of strikes’ or a ‘back and forth’ when it is anything but. Israel itself admitted its attacks were “preemptive.” There were also implications that these war crimes are justified because the Islamic Jihad rejects the peace process, when in reality there is no peace process – there is apartheid and genocide. For Palestinians who live in the occupied territories, whether bombs are falling or not, every day reality is violence. Living under a trade blockade enforced by Israel, they are denied medical supplies and other basic necessities. They are forced to ration water and electricity, and are denied freedom of movement. Since 2008, Israel has killed over 4,000 Palestinians in atrocities just like the one we saw over the weekend, including over 1,000 children. When the dust settled yesterday, Israel had killed at least 24 Palestinians including children. One eleven year old girl lost her arm and both her legs. It is an abomination. Israel left over 200 wounded in a place it has intentionally left with a critically low amount of medical supplies and hospital beds. Because Israel targeted a power plant in these attacks, electricity is down to just 4 hours per day. And the US funds the Israeli army to the tune of $4 billion per year. We talked about it this weekend also on the stream, here.

2. FBI raids Trump Mara-Lago estate.

Today Donald Trump announced his Mar-a-Lago estate was raided by the FBI. In his words, he was “under siege, raided, and occupied by a large number of FBI agents.” At this point it’s unclear why exactly Trump’s house was raided though there are multiple ongoing investigations including those flowing from the January 6th committee and litigation in New York. Trump called it weaponization of the justice system and “prosecutorial misconduct.” He also called it “reverse watergate.” Which is an interesting allusion given Richard Nixon is probably the only like comparison when considering presidents under investigation. And at this point it seems the investigations surrounding Donald Trump have gone much further than those Nixon faced, as Nixon resigned in the face of them. Donald Trump clearly has no intention of backing down and his statement makes it clear any and all attempts to hold him accountable for any crimes will be met with fierce political opposition.

3. ‘Hot’ job market has capital wondering how can they inflict more pain workers, while their profits soar. 

July jobs numbers were better than expected to the disappointment of the capitalist class, and their economist and business news henchmen have not tried to hide their displeasure. There were over 528,000 jobs added, over double most estimates and unemployment dropped to 3.5% the lowest it has been since the pandemic began. While these numbers might have once been heralded as an unambiguously good thing (no need to look at the quality of the jobs, of course), economists at places like the Fed are are explicitly fighting a “white hot labor market” which they see as the source of inflation and public enemy number one. The Fed wants to intentionally slow the economy and raise unemployment (maybe even to 10% as Larry Summers said needed to happen) so unemployment dropping and adding a heap of jobs to an already hot labor market, is the opposite of what they’re trying to do. To combat this Powell and the Fed will likely turn to further rate hikes, make money more expensive and put the hurt on workers, that is ultimately the plan.

4. Covid minimizing endangers everyone.

In the wake of Biden’s diagnosis, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was caught in an awkward spot. In a moment of great journalism, a reporter challenged Walensky and the CDC’s guidelines that were changed last year to cut the required quarantine period post infection in half. The change was widely criticized, in particular since they seemed to come at the behest of CEOs, and in particular, Delta’s CEO, who requested the precise policy the CDC later adopted. The loosening of requirements further endangered workers, who no longer receive the protections afforded under the stricter guidelines, despite there being no change in the science that suggests 10 days is much safer. In the exchange, the reporter asks Walensky: “Would you want to be around family or co-workers if you were still testing positive?” As of now, the CDC guidelines only require 5 days of quarantine, and no negative test to leave quarantine, basically making it certain that people will return to work who would otherwise have tested positive and have stayed home under the former requirements. While sick, Biden was championed for working while he was sick, he also left quarantine and then went back in, giving the public the message essentially that being around others with COVID is no big deal. This has made our communities dangerous for everyone, and in particular for people who are immunocompromised. It’s not hard to keep wearing a mask out of respect for yourself and others safety.

5. Duo murdered in Brazilian rainforest, signs point to right wing extremists.

The murders of Bruno Araújo Pereira, an Indigenous affairs official and rainforest advocate, and British journalist Dom Phillips continue to have no answers. As reported by Unicorn Riot, prior to his murder, Pereira was under constant threat due to his advocacy. The pair were together doing research for Phillips’ upcoming book. It is worth noting that Bolsonaro verbally attacked Phillips in 2019, and two days after his disappearance said he thought anything could happen in the territory where Pereira and Phillips had been known to be last. A coroner’s report conducted by the Polícia Federal (Federal Police) confirmed that Bruno and Dom were killed with hunting gun ammunition. Bruno was killed after three shots with one to the head, while Dom was shot once in the chest. The story is on Unicorn Riot for more

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