What Comes After Bernie?

From the beginning of his first campaign Bernie Sanders was dead set on reverse engineering a movement. By reverse engineering

Biden Sucks and Ilhan Omar is Right

Justin and Trevor discuss Donald Trump's political future, Obama's comments on cancel culture, the Democrats' recent attacks against Ilhan Omar.

Millennials Hate Houses

Justin discusses some annoying media narratives around millennials and their housing options. Specifically looking at how structural dynamics in the

Eugene Debs and American Socialism (Part 7)

Justin dives back in to the life and times of Eugene Debs one of the most prolific socialists in American

Did the U.S. have to Nuke Japan?

Trevor discusses recent happenings and goes in depth on the narratives surrounding the United States use of nuclear weapons in

Bill Gates is a Bastard

Justin repurposes a succinct Trevor takedown of Bill Gates to add to the moment and the role Bill Gates is

Andrew Yang is Still Awful

Justin discusses Andrew Yang and his campaign for mayor of New York City. What it means for New Yorkers and

The Rise of the Alt-Right (Part 1)

Trevor traces the birth and growth of the far right, flowing from the Oklahoma City bombing to the modern day.