Millennial Review Daily Review – June 27th 2022

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June 27th 2022

1. Supreme Court sides with high school coach who prayed at midfield.

The Supreme Court further eroded the separation of church and state in a ruling released Monday. The case Kennedy v. Bremerton School District focused on whether it was a violation of the constitution for a high school football coach to lead a team prayer at the 50 yard-line after games. In a 6-3 ruling the court held the school district violated his free speech and free exercise rights. This case is yet another mask off example of the world conservative justices are trying to build and once again significantly alters decades of precedent.

2. White House promises executive action in response to Roe, nothing yet.

The White House reportedly has a slew of executive actions planned aimed at bolstering abortion rights following the overturning of Roe v. Wade. There is a lot the administration could do from opening abortion clinics on federal lands to making funds available through Health and Human Services for people needing to travel to seek abortions. Those two things specifically are not anticipated and it’s unclear what exactly is to come. It is clear though with 50+ days to prepare for this moment there is no excuse for not having everything ready to go on day one.

3. Louisiana abortion ban blocked by federal judge.

Abortion providers in Louisiana sued the state for an injunction on their “trigger law” outlawing abortions immediately, claiming it was unconstitutionally vague. Judge Robin M. Giarrusso approved the injunction and set a hearing for July 8th. In the mean time abortion will remain technically legal in Louisiana with the final result pending the results of that July 8th hearing.

4. Pro-abortion protests in continue in many major cities around the U.S.

On Friday and over the weekend millions of people took to the streets in cities and towns all across the country. Outside the Supreme Court there were dueling groups of advocates, some protesting the right to abortion being stripped away, others celebrating the outcome. For decades abortion has been a fundamental issue to the conservative grassroots and activism, driving people to act and vote. Demonstrations have made it abundantly clear removing the right is creating a similar driving force amongst liberals and the left.

5. Corporate profits at record highs amid inflation concerns.

There are a lot of reasons given for current inflationary trends but one thing that doesn’t come up enough is pure corporate greed. From supply chain issues to rising fuel costs, corporations have all sorts of excuses lined up to justify raising prices. If it were a matter of corporations being forced into price hikes that would be one thing, but in reality these price hikes are fueling record profits, none of which are going back to workers. Inflation is being used to fear monger anti-worker policies, but it’s 100% created by capital.

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