Millennial Review Daily Review – June 24th 2022

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MR Daily Review

June 24th 2022

1. The U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade ending 50 years of abortion protection.

Today the Supreme Court issued an opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey the cases that had safeguarded abortion rights for almost 50 years. The decision is the culmination of decades of ghoulish organizing from the conservative legal and political movements. Notably taking hold of the Supreme Court under Trump thanks to illegitimate seats on the court secured by Mitch McConnell. The decision fundamentally changes reproductive rights in the United States and must be opposed on every level.

2. 13 states have “trigger laws” that immediately outlaw abortion. 

The conservative movement has been working for this day for decades. Conservative activists and legal scholars have made abortion issue #1 and part of that process was passing “trigger laws” that looked forward to this moment, banning abortion upon such a decision coming from the Supreme Court. Some states like Louisana banned abortions immediately. Others like Idaho wait 30 days and then a ban will come into effect. But 13 states have such bans banning abortion now or in the days to come for 80 million plus people.

3. 5 states have laws banning abortion, that can now be enforced.

Republicans have been attempting to ban Roe for decades and part of that process has been passing bans on the state level that up until now could not be enforced. States like West Virginia and Oklahoma have had anti-abortion laws on the books (in their cases for decades and months respectively). And now these bans can take effect and begin to impact the lives of the millions of people living in the 5 states that have such bans.

4. 9 states have Republican trifectas in state government that intend to ban abortion.

Republicans have long campaigned on banning abortion and in 9 states there is no ban on abortion as it stands now, but there are Republican legislatures, supreme courts and governors willing to usher in these changes. How these states act and what moves they make will be telling as to how the national party intends to act. I’d look for these states to move quickly and ban abortion, following suit, potentially highlighting the Republican Party’s appetite for a federal ban if they take power in the fall.

5. The National Right to Life Committee wants to impose felony charges for those ‘aiding and abetting abortion’.

Interpreted as broadly as possible to mean a person communicating in any way literally any information about abortion. It also would allow the state attorney general to charge any prosecutors that refuse to enforce an abortion ban. If you go to NRLC’s website, they brag about their achievements getting states to pass restrictions on basic human rights.

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