Millennial Review Daily Review – June 23rd 2022

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MR Daily Review

June 23rd 2022

1. Over 40,000 railway workers in the U.K. on strike. 

Rising costs of consumer goods have driven 40,000 railway workers with the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) to walkout of their jobs as part of a coordinated strike. A similar effort took place on Tuesday. The workers are demanding better contracts in the face of inflation and other economic pressures. “We’ll continue to talk to the companies about everything that’s been put on the table and we’ll review that and see if and when there needs to be a new phase of industrial action,” Mick Lynch, secretary-general of RMT told the BBC.

2. Supreme Court overturns New York gun control law, paving the way to overturn most gun control laws.

Today the Supreme Court essentially held that most gun control legislation is unconstitutional. Specifically they overturned a New York law that classified who could receive a concealed carry permit and when. The decision was written by Clarence Thomas and took an originalist reading of the constitution, quoting the infamous Dred Scott decision to declare that open carry was allowed explicitly by the court in the 1860s and should be today. That was only part of the argument but the crux of it is that gun control is a fairly recent development and should be viewed skeptically. This is a significant change from the Heller decision that previously governed the second amendment test and left the door open for some regulation. All bets are off with all sorts of gun control measures in the face of this decision.

3. FDA orders Juul vaporizers off the market. 

In an election year the Biden administration decided it was important to make sure people could no longer find Juuls if they want one. Some might remember the Trump administration contemplated a similar ban before the election but decided against it. The FDA claimed “insufficient and conflicting” data in Juul’s in information required to continue selling vape pods. As of today the company must stop selling the Juul vaporizer and four pods.

4. Senate poised to pass gun control bill now in danger due to Supreme Court ruling.

Earlier today the Senate took an important step towards passing a gun control measure allegedly aimed at stopping mass shooting events like those perpetrated recently in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas. 15 Republicans joined with Democrats to bring the vill to a vote. The bill sought to encourage states to pass “red flag laws” which allow authorities to confiscate weapons from people under certain circumstances when they believe they might pose a threat. It also includes enhanced background checks for those under 21. By and large it’s a pretty paltry bill which is why 15 Republicans are willing to support it to begin with.

5. Biden approval rating among 18-35 year olds dips to new low dropping to 22% in new poll.

Joe Biden came into office in part on the backs of a surge of young voter turn out. Something will have to change if Democrats want to change that before elections in November. A new poll from Quinnipiac has Biden’s approval rating among all voters at 35% among voters aged 18-35 it’s even lower at 22%. When Biden took office his approval rating was over 20% higher, averaging just above 55%. Among young voters it sometimes topped 60%. However failure to act on climate, student loans, healthcare, or basically any other issue that animates young voters has left a bad impression and sent his numbers down significantly. Unless something changes, like meaningful legislation on any number of issues, student debt cancelation, something, then Biden’s numbers will likely remain at record lows.

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