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1. United States approves  $45 billion for military budget, bringing total to over $800 billion.

Congress has passed an additional $45 billion in military funding amidst the Russian war in Ukraine, $1 billion of which is earmarked to go to Ukraine itself. To put that into perspective that increase alone is enough to pay for the free school lunch program initiated under COVID that is set to expire the end of June. It’s over half of what it would cost to provide cost free college for every student in the United States. And that’s just the increase, which is less than 5% of the total military budget.

2. Texas GOP removes gay rights Log Cabin Republicans from state party.

The Republican war against LGBTQ rights has taken another turn as the Texas GOP has moved to disaffiliate with the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that has long fought for gay rights within the Republican Party. Republicans are ramping up their anti-LGBTQ efforts generally with state legislatures passing anti-LGBTQ bills, particularly targeting trans people. For many the issue of gay rights felt settled but the Republican Party is proving that is definitely not true. It’s also a warning to those who felt “drop the t” and other like groups were worth partnering with and for TERFs who felt their feminism was supported by the far right, eventually they will come for you too.

3. ICYMI: Biden deployed troops to Somalia.

This is over a month old now but it’s worth coming back to. Biden recently deployed over 700 troops to Somalia in response to target Al Shabab in Somalia. This is just another example of American empire and forever wars that the American public are largely insulated from. Sometimes to the point that they go unnoticed entirely. It’s also worth noting that this is in keeping with Biden’s statements upon leaving Afghanistan, when he stated the United States wanted to reshape how military resources were spent in the region, not leave as many gave him credit for.

4. Bitcoin still falling, falling as low as $18,000.

The Crypto Crash continues. Bitcoin reached a yearly low of just over $18,000 before bouncing back a bit as it has currently settled at just above $20,000. The Millennial Review has long held that crypto is a big scam, a fake asset class created by wealthy finance tech people looking for another place to park capital with little regulation. That little regulation has led to a wild wild west type marketplace, filled with pump and dump schemes and scams.

5. First Apple Store to unionize in Maryland.

An Apple Store in Towson, Maryland has voted to unionize, joining the growing tide of unionization efforts at companies like Starbucks and Amazon. The vote to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers two to one, 65 – 33. Apple has not commented yet, but efforts are underway to organize other retail locations. Apple is a behemoth company with a massive market cap and shareholders who will likely be very hostile to unionization efforts. How the company responds remains to be seen, but if efforts against Starbucks and Amazon are any indication they won’t be friendly to the efforts.

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