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Thursday, August 18th

1. Florida judge considers releasing affidavit that secured search warrant to search Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. 

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was searched on August 8th and since then it’s basically been front and center in the headlines. The latest turn in that saga is the muling of a federal magistrate judge who is considering releasing parts of the affidavit that secured the search warrant to search Trump in the first place. The warrant was unsealed and revealed that Donald Trump is under investigation for violations of the Espionage Act among other law violations.Upon this revelation Donald Trump called for the warrant to be resealed. Which appears to be an attempt at a public sleight of hand that allows him to have his cake and eat it too, publicly calling for the warrant to be unsealed, but privately through his lawyer trying to minimize damage by doing the opposite. The same sort of dance is happening with the affidavit where Trump has publicly stated he wants it released, but his lawyers are doing everything they can to keep it sealed. The FBI has stated the investigation into Trump is open and early so this is just the beginning and as discussed on the latest episode of Millennial Review, this is sure to keep him in the news for some time to come.

2. Florida police get training on escalation tactics from war criminal.

The Intercept reported this week on a Navy SEAL war criminal turned police trainer accused of war crimes and training police officers in Florida. Retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher was “accused by his fellow operators of intentionally shooting civilians and murdering a prisoner in Iraq.” And he was reportedly working with Tallahassee police officers “in close-quarters combat and other lethal skills.” Gallagher is only free because a military court found him notguilty of premeditated murder and Donald Trump wiped away his one conviction for posing with a dead prisoner. These are the kind of people called upon to train police officers, who should be using deadly force as a last resort if even then. Police departments have been flooded with military equipment, which requires training from people like Gallagher, but increasingly they are getting their tactics from people like Gallagher as well. This trend helps create the image and reality that our police force acts as a military force against Americans and increasingly are more and more willing to use deadly force. Police can’t be reformed and must be abolished and people like Gallagher and the police reliance on his training is yet another example why.

3. Wyoming Republicans vote out Liz Cheney in Trump victory, good riddance. 

Republican Congresswoman and January 6th committee leader Liz Cheney was defeated by almost 40 points in her Wyoming Republican primary by her Trump-backed opponent Harriet Hageman. Essentially every Republican primary this cycle has become a test of Trump and whether or not his endorsement is enough to carry a candidate across the finish line. Often yes, sometimes no, in this case clearly. This was also a little more personal for Trump as Liz Cheney has become one of his most vocal opponents within the Republican Party and has worked actively with Democrats on the January 6th committee to try and prevent Donald Trump from once again ascending to power. The primary shows that Donald Trump is clearly in control of the Republican Party and the base is right there with him and willing to accommodate his political desires. Despite the wishes and best efforts of people like Liz Cheney, it’s still Donald Trump’s Republican Party. It’s also worth noting that being opposed to Trump is the very bare minimum that Cheney came to only really after January 6th. She is the spawn of a war criminal, an awful ghoul who has immiserated her constituents, and she will not be missed. 

4. Post-Roe horror stories continue to mount as people in states around the country are denied much needed medical care. 

A Louisiana woman is faced with a harrowing choice, give birth to a fetus that is developing without a skull, or drive to Florida, the nearest state she can legally receive an abortion. Meanwhile in that very same state, Florida, an appeals court judge recently ruled that a 16 year old was not “mature enough” to decide to have an abortion. Specifically stating, “appellant had not established by clear and convincing evidence that she was sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy.” These are just two more stories adding to an already overwhelming mass of people faced with similar circumstances in states all around this country. The fact that in one case Florida is a refuge for a potential abortion and in the other denying one along ridiculous lines shows the futility of the line drawing the judicial system is forced into once abortion is outlawed. When is the life of the pregnant person at risk? Who decides if a pregnancy is the product of rape or incest? How long do they have to decide that? What happens if you live in a state with a total ban and no exceptions? These are all pressing questions each of these cases raises and unfortunately there will be plenty more with a variety of outcomes to hash out the answers. 

5. Some Minnesota Starbucks workers on strike, others vote to unionize. 

As reported by Unicorn Riot, Minneapolis Starbucks workers at the 47th and Cedar Avenue location held a two day strike in order to combat Starbucks union busting. The strike notice also called out poor scheduling practices, poor staffing, and generally terrible working conditions. The workers had recently voted to unionize and that unionization/strike combination shows the true power of labor. Starbucks will likely retaliate, it’s closed stores to combat unionization recently, who’s to say it won’t again. Workers organizing is a great thing and not far away in Edina Minnesota Starbucks workers at the Industrial Boulevard location voted 9-0 to form a union. There are currently 194 unionized Starbucks locations with 85 more open for union votes. This is a monumental development in the labor movement and we have nothing but solidarity for Starbucks baristas everywhere.

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