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July 14th 2022

1. Biden declares himself a Zionist as leaked documents show US plans to build embassy on stolen Palestinian land. 

As the IMEU put out today, Israel is an apartheid state. It is actively engaged in crimes against humanity, kicking Palestinians out of their homes in illegal and forced evictions, forcing them to live under an embargo that rations their water and medical supplies. The US is complicit in Israel’s criminal, and now documents have leaked that the US plans to build an embassy on the land Israel has illegally seized from Palestinians as part its colonial settler project called Zionism. It shouldn’t be surprising that the US has eagerly sponsored and co-signed a genocidal settler state being one itself.  This past week the US Forest Service found that private corporations could destroy sacred Native American lands without even needing to provide an environmental impact report. Just this year, Israel has killed 60 Palestinian civilizans and 2 US citizens, one, Shireen Abu Akleh was assassinated by the Israeli police while she reported on Israel’s crimes against her people. The US has yet to criticize Israel for the murder.

2. Ninth Circuit decision makes it easier to deport immigrants.

Ninth circuit unanimously ruled that the failure of the government’s notice to include the time and date of when the individual was supposed to appear, did not not deprive the immigration court of jurisdiction to order the individual removed. The decision overturns a Washington district court ruling from last year that threw out the removal since it would have been impossible for someone to know where or when they should be in court, and therefore failure to appear shouldn’t lead to deportation. This is just another step towards making our draconian immigration system even more inhospitable to immigrants.

But all of the Ninth circuit appellate justices disagreed with the fairly obvious fact that a failure to appear shouldn’t trigger deportation. This is why all judges are evil, most lawyers are also. The US’ draconian immigration laws lead to deportations for minor and inconsequential actions. A reminder that Title 42, the xenophobic law that was initially put into place by white nationalist Stephen Miller, continues under Biden to this day. Title 42 is a public health law that has been used as a thinly veiled excuse for the US to expel asylum seekers despite the fact that there was never any public health rationale to support it. The rationale is racism, as is with the Ninth Circuit decision. 

3. House and Senate pressured to pass climate and anti trust legislation.

The left has long pressured the administration, any administration, to pass both climate and anti trust legislation. Build Back Better appeared to provide some climate relief for a little bit, but that obviously fell apart, and the Biden administration posture on antitrust isn’t as bad as it could be, but it’s not as good as it needs to be. Climate AND antitrust (despite what Doug Henwood might say) must be components of any left project. There is precious little time left to take action on climate change and every day counts. Antitrust is similarly urgent as corporate consolidation continues to drive up prices, exploit workers, and set up a skewed economy that funnels riches to the already wealthy. The two issues are also linked as well. Just 100 corporations are responsible for 71% of global emissions. Taking on consolidated corporate power and climate change actually go hand in hand. Which is just one of the many reasons the left needs antitrust. 

4. Union activity in the US is way up. Keep up the good work.

NLRB data shows petitions for union elections, is up 56% this fiscal year compared to 2021. As of May 25, petitions for union elections this fiscal year 2022 has surpassed 2021. But really this is a massive development for the labor movement. Union density still obviously doesn’t match where it say in the 1970s but it is building up and this is an important step forward.

5. Inflation ghouls prepare public for major rate hike by telling them a recession and low wages are actually good for you.

These people need to eat shit and definitely don’t have the best interest of working people in mind. Inflation hit 9.1% this month and calls from capital are getting louder for the Fed to take drastic action. Working people have been sounding the alarm for DECADES, that things are unaffordable, housing, healthcare, you name it. Yet major media outlets continue to run articles telling workers that lower wages are good for them, that unemployment is the only way to fight inflation. As we gear up for what could be the biggest rate hike in decades these narratives do nothing but manufacture consent. Yet nobody asks the question, really, is it good for you? Is it good for working people? Because nobody talks about how inflation might be. Another point worth mentioning is that the real value of loans goes down thanks to inflation, so raising rates, hurting the economy to protect capital’s bottom line, is nothing but a wealth transfer. Inflation doesn’t have to be a bad thing, in fact it disproportionately impacts the rich, and that’s where people’s concerns lie as laid out in our article.

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