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Millennial Review started as a simple Tumblr page in 2015 with a small goal, support Bernie Sanders. He was a relatively unknown curmudgeonly socialist from Vermont. Exactly what we were looking for.

Well, maybe not exactly, but the closest thing we’d seen in American politics in our lifetime. In the months that followed we connected tens of thousands of committed activists, thinkers, and posters. Millions of impressions later, we’re still championing the vision of justice which attracted us to Bernie Sanders to begin with.

Outside of producing leftist content co-founder Trevor Memmott is a PhD candidate at Indiana University School of Environmental and Public Affairs. And co-founder Justin Ackerman is a law student at UCLA School of Law. Both are committed socialists, avid readers, prolific podcast listeners and hope you take the time to read a bit, listen a bit, support the cause and most importantly spread the message!


Ben Shapiro Really is an Alt-Right Sage

Recently The Economist called Ben Shapiro "an alt-right sage" a claim they walked back to "far right" after much criticism from conservative commentators and


Renew Congressional War Powers, or Deal With John Bolton

There are hawks. There are neocons. And then there’s John Bolton. The President’s National Security Adviser has never seen a war he


Millennials Love Bernie’s Democratic Socialism

The rise of Bernie Sanders shocked almost everyone, but particularly because a septuagenarian socialist somehow tapped into the hearts and minds of


Amazon Buying Whole Foods is All About Wooing Millennials

Amazon has a long history of dipping their toe into an industry and quickly revolutionizing it and taking it over. To an


Bernie Sanders has a Compelling Vision of Renewal for Rural America

When listening to Bernie’s new and improved stump speech, something jumped out to me. Amidst the standard anti-billionaire, political revolution talk, there

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The CIA orchestrated a military coup against Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president who pulled millions out of poverty, and installed a Christian fascist in order to secure cheap lithium. Lithium is used in electric vehicles, and ~70% of global supply is in Bolivia.

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