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Millennials Will Inherit Far Less From Their Parents Than Generations Past

Millennials are blamed for a lot of things, killing restaurants, entire industries, entire institutions, there is very little in a


Israel is Becoming the New Democratic Dividing Line. It’s About Time.

Young Democrats of all stripes have failed to inherit one of Washington’s last great bipartisan bulwarks – unquestioning fealty to

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Where is the Foreign Policy Left?

When pundits on CNN or CBS call for the bipartisanship of a bygone are, as they are wont to do,

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Tyranny of the Minority: The Case For Distrusting American Institutions

The only thing Madison feared more than tyranny of the majority was tyranny of the minority. Madison wrote the bill

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American Politics is all About Solidarity Versus Exclusivity

The big divide in our country is not Democrats versus Republicans. It isn’t even left versus right. It is those


Republicans Appoint Far Right Judges While Liberals Ignore the Court to Their Peril

There is a stark and obvious asymmetry in the types of judges being nominated by the two parties. Assume a


Conservative Intellectualism is Dead and it isn’t Coming Back

Going back to Edmund Burke and the French Revolution, the birthplace of the modern ideology, conservative thought has had a


Bipartisanship is a Meaningless Buzzword Elites Use to Push Bad Policy

Civility is dead. Partisanship has taken over Washington. The media picks sides. These are the political trope we are constantly

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The Fringes Have Come Unraveled

In early April I received a vague message and as soon as I finished reading it I knew what I


George W. Bush is Still a Historically Terrible President

George Bush is enjoying a renaissance of sorts in the American mind. In September of 2008, just 31.9% of voters