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“These challenges I’m absolutely convinced will bring out the absolute best in every single one of us, and we have

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There has been two cynical attacks on Bernie Sanders’ second bid for the presidency. In the first, Mr. Sanders’ ideas

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“It ain’t Bernie, it’s you. It’s not me, it is us” the Vermont Senator shouted to adoring fans chanting his

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In a recent interview with black activist Ta-Nehisi Coates in honor of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

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Young Democrats of all stripes have failed to inherit one of Washington’s last great bipartisan bulwarks – unquestioning fealty to

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The day after Donald Trump’s election I wrote an article arguing that the Democratic Party would go one of two

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When pundits on CNN or CBS call for the bipartisanship of a bygone are, as they are wont to do,

Tyranny of the Minority: The Case For Distrusting American Institutions

The only thing Madison feared more than tyranny of the majority was tyranny of the minority. Madison wrote the bill