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A Coup Can’t Defeat Evo Morales and Bolivian Socialism

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1. The Socialists Win the Battle for Bolivia

Since the very earliest rumblings of a coup, we’ve followed the developments in Bolivia. Over a year of political and legal chicanery, propaganda, and the weight of Western hegemony backing the coup and subsequent government has finally ended in an electoral victory for Bolivia’s socialist party of Evo Morales, Movement for Socialism (MAS). While the party obviously has popular support and has flexed its organization over the last year on numerous occasions, this was still a surprising outcome to most.

Initially the results of the exit polls form outside parties were withheld and eventually Evo Morales announced that according to MAS’s internal counting mechanisms they had gained a significant lead. Outside exit polls later confirmed that result however the longterm ramifications of the coup remain to be seen and the potential for ongoing attempts is still high. Only time will tell, but for now, take a picture of Evo Morales receiving the good news on election night.

2. Debate Commission Agrees to Two Minute Time Limit and Cut Off Rules

In far less important news, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced they would enforce a two minute timer and cut the mics if Biden or Trump refuse to abide. This is obviously in response to Trump’s constant interruptions during the first debate, and while Trump was convinced that debate went well, those around him and the public did not feel the same way, largely due to those interruptions. This might prevent Trump from accidentally recreating that dynamic, but I wouldn’t count on it creating a more productive affair. All that said, minimizing Trump’s ability to make himself look bad is likely a good thing for the Trump campaign.

3. McConnell Urges Trump to Ignore Pelosi’s Attempt to Strike a Stimulus Deal

Mitch McConnell called himself the grim reaper of the socialist agenda, and he’s apparently also trying to play that role once again in the context of the ongoing COVID relief negotiations. In recent weeks McConnell and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows have been seen as the biggest roadblock to any COVID relief pre-election. Trump has pushed for $1,200 checks among other items, but particularly getting a check to every American pre-election seems to be a big priority. The debate has been much the same as it has been since the beginning, the Trump administration wants significantly less aid than the Democrats and Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans want even less still. It seems very unlikely they will strike a deal before election day, but who knows.

4. At Least 33 Million People Have Already Voted

Mail in voting is a central issue this election cycle, even though it’s not really clear if mail in voting has a partisan benefit one way or the other. However, within the context of COVID-19 the question of who to send a mail in ballot, how to extend the absentee process (or like Texas, not to), what signatures are required and where to drop it off, these questions and others are all front of mind in a systemic sense but also for average voters. Despite all that, mail in voting is up significantly in a number of states and as of writing (October 20th) over 33 million people have already voted.

Just as I’m blatantly ignoring the discussion on those broader legal and political machinations, I’m going to avoid all discussion on who this benefits, for the most part. I will say, many of these votes are being cast in an environment that is extremely pro-Biden, following Trump’s disastrous debate and COVID diagnosis, and things could get worse, but if the next debate or something else provides Trump another turning point, there are at least 33 million votes cast before that turning point. We’ll see how it plays out, but it seems to be yet another advantage to Biden.

5. New Yorker and CNN Legal Correspondent Jeffery Toobin Got Caught Toobin

This is in bad taste and probably won’t even register for most of the people who read this, but I’m just going to leave you with this little subhead and this link.

Meme of the Day

The CIA and Western coup-mongers tried to overthrow Evo Morales and destroy his legacy, but the people of Bolivia repudiated them. It was a significant display of organization and people power that we have a lot to learn from. It also created a lot of good memes, which you can see more of by following us on social media. (Follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Tumblr for more memes).

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